Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Selling Red Madai with Green Eyes 150g

Hello all readers,

Currently busy with my new job so I haven't been posting much... I have some limited stocks of Red Madai 150g though but these are with green eyes!

Selling at $5 each or $48 for 10pcs... have about 60pcs left.

I have some 200g next week too at $6 each... Collect at west side - bukit panjang or botanic gardens area.

Email me at nigel.lian@gmail.com to deal!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Singapore Fishing Offshore Saloon by Jimmy Lim

It's not everyday or it's probably not ever that you would be able to get your hair cut onboard but Charter Captain Jimmy Lim did just that for me on my last trip out with him. He actually brought his saloon and cutting hair instruments to the boat for me!

Before every trip with Jimmy lurked a fair bit of hope
The Lims!

We started the day with Jimmy hitting some good baby trevallies on jigs but the action was slow and fishing was difficult... Soon, we had the boat anchored while Jimmy whipped out his scissors!
As usual only Jimmy hitting fish

Fishing was hard. Jimmy was stressed

Who said offshore fishing in Singapore was boring? Who said Singaporeans are not creative?

Itchy ok


Commando style treatment
After the haircut, the difficult fishing became slightly better as two quick fire Grunters (Guhood) were landed in quick succession by the girlfriend (with some help)!

Good sized grunter!

Oh yeah!
Be sure to try out offshore fishing Salon with Jimmy Lim the next time you go for your Changi or Pulau Ubin offshore fishing trip!

Thanks Jimmy! Muack!


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